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Business development leaders, C-Suite executives and the government's contracting officers consider Defense Base Act costs are a necessary evil imposed on them by the Federal Acquisitions Regulations.  The truth is that this is the most flexible line item for a contractor's expenses.  Even if your contract is cost-reimbursable, you want to maintain that competitive edge by managing this expense.


Kidnap, ransom and extortion coverage for U.S. nationals and third-country nationals for wrongful detention, hijacking, kidnap-for-ransom and extortion incidents.   This coverage includes expert support for managing negotiations and extractions.


Multinational contractors have executives and employees traveling and working outside the U.S.  Any work not related to a specific contract funded by the U.S. government are not subject to the Defense Base Act.   They still need to be protected from work-related injury or death.   This cover also includes repatriation coverage and endemic disease.  



Contractors often overlook this for a number of reasons.   If employees are primarily ex-military, there is the mistaken belief that they will automatically be covered by TriCare or have other coverage.   DBA will not cover personal medical issues like diabetes or heart attack from stenosis.  And not having this cover drives DBA rates up because of wrongly - reported claims. 


Travel accident insurance acts as life insurance and insurance against accidental death and dismemberment in the case of a travel accident. The benefits are paid regardless of whether the traveler has other life insurance and AD&D coverage.   This includes such exposures as a medical event due to a terrorist attack, weather-related events and lost items.


Protect your corporate assets for lawsuits brought outside or within the U.S. for foreign events.   In many cases, the government protections from lawsuits flow to the contractors but that is not always the case.  

Note:   we always recommend that employees buy insurance from the local rental car agency.   There are too many nuances around how accidents are treated in each country and you don't want your employees jailed or forced to pay for a loss in order to leave the country.

Areas of Expertise


The world of insurance for government contractors is ever growing and evolving.  We help contractors take advantage of trends to minimize losses and sell their responsible leadership to their insurers.   We also educate and mentor those companies which think that buying contractor insurance, especially Defense Base Act coverage, is like "buying a license."  Being a great broker relies on data and then turns it into an art.

private equity consulting

Private equity firms often partner with insurance brokers to identify estimated expenses for their target acquisition.  What they don't ask is what drives those expenses and how they are a reflection of the underlying company philosophies, especially around responsible employee care.   Defense Base Act coverage should be a key focus because it is expensive but it is controllable. Revenue streams are important and they turn into profits when expenses are properly managed.

Consulting for government contractors

Contractors have relationships with brokers for a number of different reasons, such as:

  • They like them.
  • Their private equity firm makes them use them.
  • Their prime contractor directed them.

Whatever the reason, a risk management check-up is always prudent, especially because the expenses associated, especially with Defense Base Act coverage, can make or break a contract.


consulting for the government

Contracting officers have a checklist of Federal Acquisition Regulations that they have to include in their solicitations.   Including them doesn't mean they understand them or how the language they include in their contracts affects the contractors ability or willingness to manage their Defense Base Act expenses.   We have a proven and proprietary system for working with the Department of Defense and Department of State for managing the contracting processes.