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Grounded in Fundamentals

GovCon Consulting (GCC) is rooted in providing proven and quantifiable results for the U.S. government and its international contractors.  GCC builds on this tradition every day by harnessing innovation and metrics to advance the development of mission-focused, innovative solutions to address our customer’s most challenging problems.

Risk Management

Headquartered in Northern Virginia, GovCon Consulting advises the U.S. Government and its international contractors.  We specialize in government contracting risk management solutions. 

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Our founder, Karen Dobson, was the insurance broker for the designated contractor supporting the U.S. troops going into Iraq under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) in 2003. There had been conflicts and contractor support for the military before, but this took the business to a whole new level.  

One of the defining moments was when four Iraqi washer women were killed by an Improvised Explosive Device.  That moment illuminated just how broadly the Defense Base Act applied! 

It didn't matter that there was no "contract" between the contractor and these women.   It didn't matter that no one conceived that a U.S. law governing workers compensation for international contractors would apply to a local national.  It didn't matter that these women had no concept of what workers compensation was. The only thing that did matter was that they had to be covered or the contractor would face the consequences of not being in compliance: fines or jail time for the contractor's C-Suite.   

Compliance was imperative. This is where we created a Risk Management Information System to capture all the subcontractors regardless of size, job description or nationality. 

The beauty of the process is that we worked hand-in-hand with the client and the insurer to create the industry standard for all contractors with multiple subcontractors.  And the C-Suite was protected from possible jail time.

Since then, Karen has supported contractors in all aspects of their work with the U.S. government and also consulting for the government itself.  As a result, she has a unique understanding of the interplay between the government and its contractors and it's risk management implications.   Each situation is unique and has a customized solution.   Get yours today!

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At GovCon Consulting, we know that finding the right broker to represent you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and set realistic goals that respect your budget.


Strategist. Speaker. Specialist.

Meet the founder of GovCon consulting, Karen Dobson.

Karen has s spent over 20 years in the heart of the complexities of international government contracting.  She has been the broker & risk management consultant for the industry's top contractors and continues to support them with custom solutions to help them drive their annual objectives.

Tired of the inconsistencies of the industry and wanting to provide an upscale service in this industry, Karen started GovCon Consulting; a risk management agency. GovCon Consulting is a recognized leader in defining and developing solutions for Defense Base Act coverage and its implications for both contractors and the government agencies responsible for requiring and administering the Act.   

Top Reasons You Want Karen's Experience for Your Team... 

  • Deep proficiency in excavating the root causes of loss development so that contractors can effectively manage their expenses and develop a competitive advantage over their counterparts.

  • NIST 800-171 Cyber Compliance - finding risk transfer solutions for Contractors.

  • Federally Focused Industry Segments, including Government Contractors, Government, and Private Equity.

Karen is responsible for the development of competitive programs for numerous S&P 500 government contractors, she has personally managed over a billion dollars in premiums, she is considered a master negotiator when it comes to premiums; I have gotten insurance companies to reduce costs by half... without changing the plan or coverage.

Most notably, Karen developed the latest industry-standard risk management program, effectively and affordably managing coverage for subcontractors.